What We Offer



Regular Classes

Regular classes are offered 1 day per week to 2 year olds (if potty-trained) and up. Classes are combinations of tap, jazz, ballet & lyrical. These classes will perform two numbers at the end of the year recital. Class times range from 1 hour to 1 hour and 30 minutes!

Competitive Dance

Competitive groups are an all year long commitment and they will compete at the Regional and National levels. Girls will practice 3 days a week with an intensive ballet class on Monday. This competition team is for all ages that are categorized in Mini, Junior, Teen, and Senior groups. Girls who are interested in joining the competition team make sure to let us know, and our tryouts will be in August.  

Hip Hop Classes

Hip Hop Classes are taught by Miss. Kristin, she is a teacher graduate from 2019 and competitive dancer. Classes are once a week for 45 minutes long, and they are separated into 3 different age groups. Classes begin in October and run through May. Each class will preform a Hip Hop dance for the end of the year recital.

Technique Classes

Technique classes are taught by Miss Rebekah who was a Teacher Graduate from 2016 and a competitive dancer. This class is offered to ages 6-18 and the class is 1 hour long, once a week. In this class Miss Rebekah will teach the importance of discipline, technique, stretch, and strength to be a dancer.

Basics Tumble Classes

This class is taught by Miss Taylor who works in the front office, she was a teacher graduate in 2016, and a competitive dancer. This class is for ages 2-5 and the class is 30 minutes long, once a week. In this class students will learn coordination, strength, tecnique, and the basics of tumbling all while having fun!

Regular Tumble Class

This Tumble class is taught by Coach Rusty Talbot who has taught and coached cheerleaders for over 20 years. This class is for ages 6-18 learning intermediate to advanced skills of tumbling. Classes begin in September and the class is once a week for one hour long.

Classical Ballet Class

This class is taught by our Ballet teacher Miss Denise on Mondays. We offer classes for ages 5-18 and they will learn the Barre work as well as across the floor ballet combinations. Depending on age, this class is normally 30-45 minutes. This class will preform a dance for the end of the year recital in May.